TRAHA Global APK v1.1.24 (Latest)

TRAHA Global APK v1.1.24 (Latest)
App NameTRAHA Global
Publisher MOAI GAMES Corporation
GenreRole Playing
Size 164.83 MB
Latest Version 1.1.24
Update onNov 14, 2022
Mod infoLatest
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The kingdoms of Vulcan and Naiad; who will you fight for?
We are inviting you to a real RvR MMORPG based on the vast open world.


■ The endless war between the factions, and their story
With a history of opposition due to a long, drawn-out war, the Traha will grow by cooperating or competing with the two reigning factions of Naiad and Vulcan in fierce battles.
Choose between the factions of Naiad and Vulcan and become the hero of their story!

■ A huge open world of enormous scale and detailed graphics
The Unreal 4 engine powers 6 large open fields with an actual size of 3-5 kilometers. Come explore a stunning, massive world and discover the unique wonders of each different region!

■ Detailed customization
Make your very own Traha by customizing your character’s body type, facial proportions, skin, and more!

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■ Total gameplay freedom with the Infinity Class System
Freely change between 7 different classes on one character and swap between tank, healer, and damage-dealing roles as needed based on your class and skill combination. Feel the rush of victory with various active combat skills by charging and timing your attacks!

■ The country life you’ve always dreamed of
Pick up a variety of life skills like cooking, fishing, and blacksmithing, and more!
Collect and craft items to help you grow in and out of battle. Unwind with life skill content in a war-torn world!

Whats News
1. Large-scale faction vs. faction Rhantegoth raid opening in beta testing
2. Class balance changes
3. Increase in the number of participant slots in Conquests before the battle and increasing boss power
4. Thai language support in game chat
5. Addition of a chat report function
6. Other quality-of-life improvements

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